WorldHope Corps Training Team 2017 fulfilled its intended mission earlier this month in Uganda and Malawi, assisting our ministry partners– Communities of Shalom Uganda, Sustainable Action Uganda, and WorldHope Corps Malawi –further their projects and initiatives.


This was WorldHope Corp’s 10th Annual Mission Trip since

This year’s international training team was experienced, gifted and motivated: Rev. Michele Robbins (pastor of Orinda UMC, in CA), Dr. Doug Smith (retired professor of computer science and current secretary of WHC board), Dr. Caroline Njuki (former associate general secretary and head of the Africa Desk at UMC Global Ministries; and current board member of WHC), Bishop Baamu Moses (District Director/Mayor in Ssese Bugalo, Uganda),  Br. Julius Kasaji (Executive Director of Sustainable Action Uganda), Pastor Dennis Singini (Program Director of WorldHope Corps Malawi) and  Dr. Michael Christensen (Founder/Director of WorldHope Corps, Inc. and team leader).  We worked together with our partners for two weeks, supported by our sponsors, to accomplish the following outcomes:

Accomplishments in Uganda:

Strengthened international friendships and partnerships by sharing in meals, visiting projects, preaching in churches, consulting with boards and cooperatives, sharing social innovation ideas, visiting orphan care centers, and participating in other mission activities.  “Reverse mission” is what this is about. We come here to help but find we are the recipients of great gifts our friends have to offer; that we gain much more than we give.  Thank you Mayor/Pastor Baamu Moses for being our example and leader in our shared work in Uganda.

Conducted Women’s
Empowerment conference for 115
female community leaders near Jinja, sponsored
by WorldHope Corps and hosted by the Mayor’s Office on the topic of
“Domestic Abuse and Preventing HIV”, especially in mother-to-child
transmission. Successful training days like this remind me of why we started
WorldHope Corps 10 years ago–to help transform the world one village at a


Visited Women’s Jewelry Coop
led by 
Annett (wife of Baamu) and presented gift of $1000
raised from previous jewelry sales in the USA; celebrated their success in
producing fine products for an international market. Help: We
need new markets to support women’s empowerment. 

  • Conducted Leadership Training for 132 community leaders- local politicians, cultural and religious leaders, and community health workers–sponsored by WHC and hosted by Mayor’s Office at District HQ. Focus of the day-long training was on Stigma Reduction under title “Is AIDS God’s Punishment?” (You wouldn’t do it this way in Dan Diego City Hall, but it worked well here near the Source of the Nile!).  

Planned with Shalom Coffee Coop board “The “Way
Forward” after 3 years of draught and disease that destroyed their crops
and prevented the international sale of their high quality “Robusta
Natural” boutique coffee which they worked so hard to produce.  Assessed their current status and encouraged
their progress toward the goal of “shared prosperity and community health
for all” (shalom). Thank you Br. Julius for being our consultant. We pray
to the “Lord of the Harvest” to help these good and hard-working
shalom farmers to grow enough coffee beans to fill up a container next year for
international markets at a fair-trade price. 

Assessed and planned with Br. Julius (Director of
Sustainable Action) on the progress of the Water Store in Western Uganda, and
identified “benchmarks of success” in going forward. Unfortunately,
the project is stalled until we can raise another $5,000 to complete the
electrical wiring for the water purification system. We continue to pray for a
new sponsor.

    Processed “incubation” loans and consulted with young entrepreneurs on their good ideas for social innovation, micro loan projects, and small business development. I predict good success! 

    Highlight of the week: observing how well small working groups stayed engaged, processed and applied new learnings from the conference to their own leadership role in their communities. 
    Accomplishments in Malawi 

    Attended Shalom Training Graduation Day in Kachere for 28
    new Shalomers, trained and equipped by Pastor Dennis Singini, Commencement
    speaker Dr. Caroline Njuiki inspired us all, and affirmed the graduates for
    having met twice weekly for six months of classes, completing 168 hours of
    training in Asset Based Community Development. Here is the way to transform the
    world one village at a time:  Invest in
    community leaders who will “seek the shalom of village where they are
    sent.” (Jeremiah 29:7). Pray for the members of Kachere Community of
    Shalom as the seek health, wholeness and shared prosperity (shalom) in this
    otherwise impoverished community.

    Met with men at risk for HIV, consulting and training in
    AIDS prevention, stigma reduction, available medications, and less risky
    behavior.  Thank you Doug Smith for
    sharing your story and equipping so many men and women with best practices for
    harm reduction.

    Visited Hope Scholarship House to assess how well the house
    was generating funds to support the Hope Scholarship Program, currently
    supporting 9 students.


    Visited Hope Tailoring School at Mzuzu UMC, started 8 years
    ago by the local church and WHC to empower young women economically by
    providing them a teacher and tools for a profession. It lifted our hearts to
    meet these young women, see their high quality products, know that our investment
    in sewing machines and a teacher’s salary had produced such great results.  Love my shirt they made for me in three
    days!  Thank you Copeland Nkhata for your
    original vision, and for how gracefully you transferred management to new
    church leaders.

    Dedicated new Village Well sponsored by Val and Millie
    Christensen (my parents) in the remote village of Kakholi near a rural
    school.  As Rev. Michele Robbins sprinkled consecrated ‘holy water’
    from from living well, the kids gathered around to witness the community event.
    Elijah Mkwate, village teacher, and Glanson Mruncha, village chief, described
    how far women and children had to walk to fetch water from the nearest stream,
    and how over2000 people in the cluster of five village now benefit from
    this new deep well. I counted 85 children (first through sixth grade)
    attending school near the well and they were happy to see us. Thanks Mom and
    Dad for providing good clean water to these kids!

    Consulted with new board members of WorldHope Corps Malawi, saw their vision, heard their great ideas, felt their passion, celebrated recent accomplishments, and processed new proposals for program design and organizational development for the common good. The work is in good hands:  Mrs. Marion Phiri (secretary of the board), Burton N. Kayinga (Treasurer), Reuben Kahonge (Legal Advisor), Kelvin Zulu (Program Assistant) and  Matrider Mtemangao (community workers and volunteer). 

    Congratulations, Dennis, on the success of WorldHope Corps Malawi with the Anti-malaria mosquito nets distribution and your other community development projects.  We will continue to work together to raise up new friends and needed funds for the needed office space, next village well, and Hope Scholarship program. 

    If you’ve read this far, I know you are a friend of
    WorldHope Corps.  I ask you simply to
    continue your support of our common cause. 
    Beyond your prayers and goodwill, the easiest way to help is to make a
    donation online at or mail a check to the address below.

    Thank you, dear friends!

    Michael J. Christensen, Director

    WorldHope Corps, Inc.

    PO 7688   San Diego, CA 92167