After 12 days in Malawi, we felt that our mission was accomplished. Together we…

Supplied two student interns to work with Pastor Copeland and the UMC to create a shalom zone community development project within 1km of the church during the month of June.

Supplied soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and beauty products to 400 prisoners at Mzuzu Prison.

Donated school supplies (pencils, paper, crayons, books, highlighters, construction paper, colored pencils, sharpeners, chalk, scissors, notebooks, flashcards, and markers,9 Calculators – 4 prisoners, 5 to HopeHome children)
Donated 11 used soccer balls with pumps

Handed out over 250 greeting cards made by American children
Handed out small toys (plastic balls, harmonicas, balloons, bubbles
Handed out 25lbs of chocolate candies
Donated 20 hand-made baby blankets to Ministry of Hope
Donated 10 sets of stationery paper to various churches
Donated 26 hygiene/make-up kits
Donated over-the-counter medical supplies to Zowe
14 Blankets x $17/per = $238

Evaluated six village well projects in Masonto, Kampenda and Zowe areas.

Assessed need for five more village well projects in same areas.

Arranged for the repair of the well and reservoir tank in Geisha village.

Mutual exchange of ideas and relevant information with St Augustine HIV/AIDS support group and CitiHope PACCT staff.

Preached and offered ministry of presence at two church services (Presbyterian and United Methodist)

Offered love and raised hope, while receiving faith, hope and love from over 1500 kids in community-based orphan care programs and HopeHome program.

Facilitated on-going support for Esnart’s Children after she died of AIDS

Found Sponsor for next well in Euthini Village