Our mission team arrived home today after the 17 hour flight from JoBurg. Exhausted but delighted with the fruit of our journey, and ready to continue the mission on the home front in behalf of the ‘orphans and widows’ we met in Malawi who need our support.

I will update the various Travel Blog entries from last week and post new Team Member Trip Reflections next week for those (200+) who have tracked our journey.

Rarely I have I been on a mission that went so smoothly. No meltdowns half-way through trip, no traffic accidents or road kill, no frustrating moments when nothing went right. Sure, there we some bumps along the way, and a couple days of travel sickness. But, over all, I stand amazed at how wide the doors opened, how the right people showed up at just the right time to help us take the next step, and how God ordered each of our days. To capture all that happened will take a few more days and many perspectives, so stay tuned.