Dennis Singini, Michelle Robbins and Michael Christensen display Shalom Coffee

“I have come that you might have life more abundantly, life in all its fullness…” –Jesus in the Gospel of John

Michele Robbins, Doug Smith, Dennis Singini, Baamu Moses and Michael Christensen are preparing to spend two weeks in Uganda and Malawi on WorldHope Corp’s 10th Mission Trip.

We’ll be conducting HIV/AIDS consultations, meeting with Fair-Trade Shalom Coffee Coop board, doing Shalom Training and Graduation, dedicating a new village well (sponsored by the Ocean Beach Bible Study and Point Loma United Methodist Church), and holding two Women’s Empowerment events in Uganda and Malawi (Sept 25-Oct 7, 2017.  Please for us and continue to support the mission at

Shalom Training Graduation 2013

Nearly every year since 2008, WorldHope Corps has sent a Mission Team to Malawi and/or Uganda to support our partners in their ministries of compassion, health and wholeness and community development. 

This year, four veteran members of WorldHope Corps– Rev. Michele Robbins, Dr. Doug Smith, Dr. Caroline Njuki, and myself–will join Pastor Dennis Singini and his team in Malawi and Pastor Moses and his team in Uganda for 12 days of ministry together (Sept 25-Oct 7,

Rebecca Laird and friends in 2014

The theme this year is “Life More Abundant” in Time of AIDS” (John 10:10)

Our Goal: To empower
women to protect themselves and promote human dignity, economic sustainability
and “life more abundant” (Shalom) in the community. To help men and women, youth and children, step up to the next level of positive living and good success through Shalom Training in asset based community development ABCD) 

More specifically, our work in Uganda is to help Pastor Justine (a local Shalom
leader) facilitate a Women’s Empowerment Conference focused on
preventing domestic violence and abuse, HIV/AIDS education, and living healthy lives in the community.
 Before and after the conference, we plan to present funds raised from sale of Uganda jewelry to the women’s group in
Jinja; meet with Pastor Moses and Shalom Coffee Coop board to encourage
progress; meet with Br. Julius and SARS representatives to encourage their
progress on the Fresh Water Store project in Western Uganda. (Sept 25-30).

Women’s Empowerment Event in Malawi

Our Mission in Malawi is to help Mrs. Marion Phiri (WorldHope
Malawi board member) and her team lead a Women’s
Empowerment Conference
focused on domestic violence and HIV
issues; and help Pastor Dennis Singini
(WorldHope Corps Program Director) conduct Shalom Training and Graduation of
first Shalom Team (Oct 1-7).  And dedicate two new deep water wells recently drilled in rural Malawi, sponsored by the men of OB Bible Study, Point Loma UMC, and Val J. Christensen of San Diego.

We still need sponsors for the Women’s Empowerment Consultation in Malawi. 

Your donation of just $50 to WorldHope Corps will help one more young woman participate in the women’s empowerment conference.  

The easiest way to help is to donate online at or mail a check to the address below.

Thank you, dear friends!

Michael J. Christensen, Director

WorldHope Corps, Inc.

PO 7688

San Diego, CA 92167

Note:  Shalom Training is the name of our six month training program in Asset Based Community Development for economic empowerment and community transformation.