This year’sHope Scholarship recipients–orphaned and vulnerable youth who show promise of completing their education in secondary school (high school) in Malawi.

These Hope Scholars received the highest marks in school this year.  They are a good investment in the future of Malawi and the world.

And here’s an urgent appeal for help from their Pastor in Mzuzu which I pass on to you who may be able to help them prepare for a better tomorrow.  Pastor Copeland and I are committed to raise enough funds to keep 26 orphaned and vulnerable youth stay in school next semester in Malawi.  Can you help us meet this need by contributing what you can?  Please let me know if you can help sponsor a kid for secondary school with a $250 Hope Scholarship in 2011?

Rev Michael,


I need your help and guidance on how many Hope Scholarships we can plan for next year.  You are the key player in this dream and WHC is the major donor.  My prayer is that there will be enough for all 26 recipients of Hope Scholarships in 2011.  We must continue to work together to empower the orphaned and vulnerable children and also EMPOWER the women in the Hope Tailoring School in Mzuzu for the glory of God.

The new semester commences in January.  There is very little money left in the account. Education is the right approach to empowerment.  We have 26 eager youth motivated to stay in school if their January fees can be paid by sponsors.  Otherwise, they will lose out. 

Advise soonest.

My best wishes for Christmas.  You are special to Mzuzu for you are God’s hand of love and miracles.



These high achieving Hope Scholars hope to go on to University to become accountants, teachers, and doctors.