Dear Friends of Mzuzu and WorldHope Corps:

Greetings on the Lord’s Day from the Warm Heart of Africa.  I’m here in Mzuzu with Rev. John Culp and eight of his mission team members for 10 days in Malawi. John raised $65,000 last year to build the new sanctuary of Mzuzu UMC (our friend Copeland Nkhata’s church) which we will dedicate today.

Then we’ll go to see the new Hope Scholarship House, and pray, bless and dedicate it for its intend use (to provide scholarships and support to vulnerable youth who want to stay in secondary school or get vocational training).  Many of you contribute the $30,000 we raised to build this House of Hope in Mzuzu. (Photos to follow in my blog tomorrow).

Yesterday we had a wonderful shalom training day under a tent in Luwinga Lodge (where we all are staying).  See my blog post today.

An then out see some village wells tomorrow and Tuesday.

I’ll hope you’ll follow this week’s activities and reflections on

And let me know if you want to support one of the many Hope projects we have going here, my friends.

Michael Christensen, Founder

WorldHope Corps