We all did it!  The
local community in Katikara raised $500 among among themselves, and others in the USA contributed
over $2,000 this month to replace the water pump and generator at our Water Store at the Katikara Trading
Centre in Western Uganda. Thank you, thank you all!
Here’s a short note from Br. Julius yesterday. Photos to follow: 

Greetings and
best regards to you. 

The Lord is
good all the time.

Dr. Michael
you’re DIVINE.

I am over joyed
with the divine message.  

Thank you for
the love and support.

Shalom,  Br. Julius

Note:  Please know that Julius tries to flatter me when he calls me Dr. “Divine”.  Even though my name—“Micha-El”–is a question that means “Who is like God?” ) I know I’m not!  Just sayin  🙂

When the Water Store reopens this week, people will come from near and far to purchase guaranteed clean, fresh, water for 33 cents per jerrycan pumped from the water tank, filtration system and borehole we provided four years ago. Otherwise, they must walk a longer distance to pump water from a shallow well.

In the picture
below, WHC volunteer Maxim Schrogin was there when the Water Store opened in 2015, and was the first one to purchase a jerrycan of clean water for 33
cents.  The Water Store has been closed
for three months, but will re-open before  Christmas, thanks to the generous donors
of WorldHope Corps. 

Please help us keep the water flowing. 

Give online: http://www.worldhopecorps.org/donate 

Dr. Michael Christensen

Executive Director,

WorldHope Corps, Inc.

3205 Carleton St.

San Diego, CA 92106