Occupy Advent ‘congregation’ at Zuccotti Park

United Methodist Bishops, clergy, members, Ministers of Shalom, Drew faculty and students, and other people of strong faith and good will…”Occupied Church” on the Second Sunday of Advent, December 4, 2011.

Occupy Advent article

Here are some of the video clips and news stories about OccupyFaith weekly services at Zuccotti Park and United Methodist support of the Occupy Movement for separation of Corporations and State, exposure of systemic greed, and proclamation that a new world is possible–Shalom for All.

Watch 2 minute video:

Jesse Jackson Joins Communities of Shalom to Occupy Wall Street

Watch longer video of Bishop Jeremiah Park and Bishop J preaching at Occupy Wall Street, Sunday December 4.

News article: Occupy Advent, Occupy Shalom

News article: Church of the Village Occupies Wall Street

News article United Methodists Who Support Occupy Movement

News article: More United Methodists Occupying

Melissa Hennin’s Photos of Shalom Occupy Advent Service on December 4

I’ve also posted excerpts of what the clergy leaders said during the Shalom Occupy Advent service:

Occupy Shalom Wall Street

Eric Jackson, Althea Spencer Miller, Michael Christensen, Bishop J, Bishop Park, Tanya Bennett