Dr. J-P Duncan, one of our national trainers, alerted me to the Oprah Winfrey/Crow Creek Nation connection to Wodakota Shalom Community–our newest shalom site.

Oprah’s group “Angel Network” support’s the organization www.Can-Do.org and their work on the Crow Creek Reservation with Tree of Life ministry and Wodakota Shalom, led by site coordinator Peter Lengkee.

Peter made a video about the plight of the Crow Creek reservation about a year ago (before the shalomzone training began) and sent it to Can Do , and they responded with volunteer support to help build a community center.

Here are two video clips about the Crow Creek reservation and the work of Peter Lengkeek of Wadokota Shalom:

http://www.can-do.org/sioux.php?video1=1 Can-Do.org’s assessment and call to action

http://oprahsangelnetwork.org/stories/533-revitalizing-a-reservation-preserving-a-culture Oprah’s connection

I plan to visit Peter and Wadokata Community of Shalom next weekend.