Day Two by Paul Moore Jr.

PACCT was excellent today and Moira was up and at ‘em – perhaps a little more intense than she normally is. She is a genius and such a wonderful woman of God. And it was great seeing the Malawians do their thing – the kids really respond to them. “Hippo in the Water” exercise went over especially good today. We’ll see how “Problem Tree” and “Snake in the Bathroom” do tomorrow.

Blessings and Kevin (from Drew University) arrived by 1:00 pm and I had them join a panel discussion on the ABC’s of HIV/AIDS.

Rev. Copeland is just the guy. He came to PACCT III today just to make sure his youth were doing well and contributing. So did a few other pastors.

I did my whole “be a man” thing with the guys – they kept saying women needed to learn life skills to be able to say “no” to having sex with a boy. I went off on what about our job as men – as leaders – as warriors to STOP ASKING THEM – and to create a culture of men that honors, not uses, women. They got into it.

OK – so not Yale or Harvard ABC stuff… but it went well. Kasey is doing great and is a big help. Gabriel and Dennis laid some serious prayers on Steve and he is doing much better. It may be 12:45 AM, but my energy is high and I am doing my very best.