Mizak, Haiti, week three: “Everyone still is living in fear of more quakes, aftershocks and falling buildings.   Whole communities are living outside of their homes like the picture on the left shows.  The first medical team arrived last week and others are on their way. 

Food distribution began last week but food will run out soon. “Prepackaged nutritious meals” are available if we can find transport. Army tents are needed, or at least tarps to keep out the rain.”  Again, sponsors and transport are needed and being worked on daily.


Damage in Mizak: 325+ houses completely destroyed and 217 structurally unsound. 

Needed:  food security, fresh water, dry shelter.

“This is a health hazard that needs immediate attention.”


Communities of Shalom, WorldHope Corps, and other groups hope to provide some tents, tarps, and temporary shelters and long-term housing in partnership with HAPI.  Our friends on the ground have requested help in finding 325 large (8-12 person) army tents for families.  Smaller tents as well.  Blankets, shelter boxes, pre-fab homes or “earthbag homes.” 

Visiting service teams are purchasing tents and tarps at Wall Mart and bringing them with them this month.   UMCOR is considering appropriate, temporary shelters. PRE-FAB HOMES FOR HAITI are also an option for Mizak, Haiti. They sleep up to 8 and last 7+ years.  Mission Service Teams could assemble in them two hours.  Cost $600 including shipping.  Available from Christ in Action  ministry: https://www.christinaction.com/index.cfm/pageid/823/index.html  

Please let Valerie at HAPI know if you can donate tarps, tents or a pre-fab house for Haiti:

Haitian Artists for Peace International (HAPI)

Haitian Artists for Peace International

Valerie Mossman-Celestin valeriem@wmcumc.org

For information on Communities of Shalom:   www.communitiesofshalom.org