Toured CitiHope’s Warehouse to learn about their Rice for Education program. Still some rice left for distribution to community-based institutions this year, but not enough for the entire school feeding program. The program feeds 10,000 kids a day.

Bolero Primary School is one of the institutional beneficiaries of CitiHope’s Rice for Education Program. When we arrived and got out of our vehicles to pay a visit, over 1000 kids surrounded us and nearly devoured us with love and affection. Their rice supplies were depleted. What a worthy project. I hope the program can continue here.

Visited FOMCO , another beneficiary of CitiHope’s food aid. We participated in feeding over 200 Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC). Donated school supplies and soccer balls. I inquired of the Director (Violet) how they used the $500 donation from WHC last year for the repair of the leaking roof. She said it was used to build the now half finished new brick building next to the old one that is falling apart and still leaking water. I assume they know best how best to use donated funds.