“Greetings from Malawi!! Once we landed yesterday, we had a 5 hour bus ride to the CitiHope guest house. The weather was a perfect 70 something degrees and partly sunny. The magnificence of this place is surreal.

En route to the guest house, we quickly figured out that as you approach a village, you know its coming because of the smell of wood smoke. But what was unexpected along the way was the unmistakable smell of death. I don’t know if it was human or animal but it reminded me that woodworking artisans are now primarily coffin makers. Because of the overwhelming need for coffins, woodworking has become the #3 industry in Malawi. And somehow, through all of the disease and death, the people here manage the most brilliant, constant smiles I’ve ever seen.

Today, we visited Kasasa, a community orphana care center with 115 children in its care. On the way back, I asked Gabriel what it costs to feed the children there. He used his phone’s calculator to determine that it costs $5 to feed 115 children 1 meal a day. How can any of us ever look at a $5 bill the same way again?

I came here to be, as one of my favorite Sanctus Real songs is called, “The Face of Love”. What has amazed me is that I am seeing it everywhere I look. Talk about reverse mission!! Tomorrow, we may visit a hospital/clinic. I can’t wait to meet up with God here, too!”