CitiHope’s VP and Chief Operating Officer Paul Moore II arrived in Dominican Republic this morning with the second relief shipment of medicine and supplies. Met by Tim Tuccelli, CHI’s DR Representative, he immediately left for Jimani Hospital on the Haitian border to deliver the medicine and supplies.

Paul reports, “Jimani Hospital has over 800 patients today, with more arriving via military helicoptor every day. The hospital itself only has 23 beds, so they have emptied their Chapel and converted their orphanage (see photo below left) to place patients. They still do not have enough room, and many patients with varying levels of need are outside on the ground. Some have beds, most do not have bedding. They desperately need clean water and food, because malnourishment is rapidly becoming an issue. Food aid simply has not made its way to our location yet.”

“The hospital’s director says there has not been a human catastrophy like in his lifetime – today alone they performed over 90 orpthopedic surgeries without a scanner or X-ray equipment. He has never seen anything like it.”

“The surgeons are doing hundreds of amputations, and without proper disposals have resorted to burning the limbs 500 yards away from the hospital – I viewed a large pile and the burning myself today.”

“I met a gentleman (photo below right) who is an electrical company technician. He was at the electric company when the earthquake it, and a wall fell on his leg. He was trapped there for 3 days. When rescuers finally freed him, blood rushed directly to the dead tissue and bloated his leg – it had to be immediately amputated.”

“Jimani Hospital’s director and all of the doctors here are incredibly grateful for the medicine, supplies and equipment we’re bringing. There is such a dramatic level of need here, and so much more help is needed. I am glad to be representing CitiHope and our partners and donors here during one of the worst human crises of my generation.”