The most astounding part of my mission to Malawi was discovering the “richness” in faith and the joyfulness of its people.

This photo is of a little girl, an orphan, whom I had the pleasure of coloring and drawing pictures with during my visit to FOMCO. Until she took me by the hand to walk with me, I did not realize that she was missing two of her fingers on her left hand and a terrible scar was left behind. Honestly, would you have been able to guess the amount of tragedy she has suffered just by looking at that beautiful smile?

This is a 16-year old boy, the youngest of four, seen here with his 62-year old mother, abandoned by his father. When I approached him, I grasped his hand and started telling him my name and talking to him. After a moment, an older gentleman approached me and advised me that he wouldn’t be able to talk back to me! However, as you can see in the picture, his smile is worth a thousand words! Let us learn from these heavenly smiles and thank God for each and every blessing we are given!