After 30+ hours en route, we’ve finally arrived in Mzuzu. All eleven exhausted team members are happy and excited about our ten days together in Malawi. So far, the only snafu was that Bob Robinson’s bags did not get off the plane. But this inconvenience has not dampened his spirit in the least.

We were me with open arms and hearts by our friends from Mzuzu: Gabriel Mosongole, CitiHope Country Director, and Rev. Copeland Nkatha, pastor of the UMC of Mzuzu and director of our HopeHomes program. They and their assistants seemed delighted to see us and made us all feel at home.

After the five hour drive from Lilongwe to Mzuzu (stopping to watch the golden sun set over the green hills), we enjoyed a fab dinner together at the new Indian restaurant in town before turning in. The men are staying in Mzuzu Lodge and women at the Katoto Guest House–our mission headquarters for the week (I’m in my familiar digs at the CitiHope Office guest room round the corner).

This is my fifth trip to Malawi since 2005. Its fun to sit here in the CitiHope office and see my daughter, Rachel, in many of the historic photos from that first 2005 mission trip. I look forward to bringing my whole family here during next year’s annual mission trip.

Tomorrow we visit the Mzuzu Prison where over 100 men and women (and some children) need to be reminded that they are not forgotten by the world.