WorldHope Corps Seeks Sponsors to Secure Well Rig Equipment in Malawi

Calling all sponsors.  We need $50,000 to start our own well-drilling ministry.  After five years of sponsoring village wells by hiring well rig companies to do the work, we are ready to secure our own equipment, employ our own crew, and run our own well-drilling business.   For more information on this new venture, and learn how you can help, please contact us at

WorldHope Corps began drilling boreholes in Malawi in 2008.  So far, we’ve managed to put in 18 deep water village wells in northern Malawi.  For five years now we have contracted with different drilling companies to install our sponsored wells.   Typically, we contract with drillers with rigs based in southern Malawi who are willing to bring their equipment to the north (and we have experienced considerable delays and obstacles in the process).  What is needed is a well-drilling business in the rural north, and a coalition of ministries to support such a venture.  WorldHope Corps is in a unique position to lead such a coalition and to start our own well-drilling venture in northern Malawi.  

A 2009 Well Rig, Land Cruiser and borehole equipment has been offered to us by another NGO that is scaling back on their operations in Africa.  WorldHope Corps is stepping up to the challenge to drill more wells by securing our own equipment and starting our own well-drilling business in Northern Malawi.  We plan to do so in partnership with the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church (CCAP Rural Development ministry).  

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup

Here’s the background and the opportunity:

1. WorldHope Corps, Inc was contacted almost one year ago by the Director of Rural Development of another international relief and development organization. They offered to transfer to us their well-drilling program and equipment (consisting of the rig, compressor, supplies and a land-rover vehicle).

                       Drilling Gear and Supplies

2.  According to their Program Director (who I’ve been in serious discussions with since May),  they drilled 20-30 boreholes a year.  Their ministry venture was successful and self-supporting, but their Board decided to consolidate program activities in other countries and they no longer need the equipment in Malawi.  They are willing to transfer the equipment to us by special arrangement and succession agreement.  In securing their equipment, registration and network, WHC will be continuing the village well work they began successfully in Malawi in 2009. 

3.  Our main ministry partner in Northern Malawi for Village Wells is the Central Church of Africa Presbyterian (CCAP).  We have also partnered with the United Methodist Church Mzuzu Circuit and CitiHope Malawi to drill new village wells. A WHC Advisory Board representing these three organizational partners has been appointed to oversee the new village well program and well-drilling venture.

4.  What WHC needs right now is $50,000 to finance this new, bold venture. We need to secure the equipment in southern Malawi, move the equipment to the north, hire and train a crew, and operate as a self-sustaining ministry to provide clean water to rural villages in northern Malawi. 

5.  WHC has launched a capital campaign to raise $50,000 to support this new venture.  So far, $12,000 has been contributed for the Well-Rig project.  We need a few more major gifts and lots of smaller gifts for this to be successful.  We hope you will consider making an Easter Pledge or Gift, and joining us on this great adventure in 2012!

Scroll down to see our previously drilled wells, read about the great need for fresh water in Africa, and how access to clean water saves young lives.  Then, prayerfully consider making a generous Easter Gift to the Village Well program.

Have a Blessed Easter Season! 

Michael J. Christensen, Founder and CEO

WorldHope Corps, Inc.

P.O. Box 295

Madison, NJ 07940 

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