Day 4

Well, power has been off and on and after two days with no internet. I am sorry there have been no reports. According to the teams, today went very well. I was with group A to here Pastor Steve preach in church – it was anointed indeed!

I had lunch with Dr. Gaston and his family, and also met with Vivian, a member of PACCT committee and a mother with AIDS. She begged me to help her finish building her orphanage and for CHI to fund her ministry… It was hard to look her in the eyes and tell her we could not do so, but better that than making promises we can’t keep.

Day 5

Today was a banner day as I prayed it would be. Team A visited FOMCO and it was a big time experience for them. As always, Violet [the director] was a tremendous blessing. She had the women singing, dancing, and the kids were a treat. They spent the whole day there and Pastor Steve and Michael Glenn had many ideas about how they could help.

Team B went to Rev. Mumba’s Kutemwa Orphan Care facility. We helped make soup for the children, I had them help wash the children’s hands, then sit on the floor with them and eat our soup. I then ran off to check on Team A, but apparently they had a 1.5-hour jam session with the teens. The US guys played guitar and a cool shaker and the Malawians played African drums and sang. It was pretty cool from what I hear. They prayed with some of the sick villagers and had a drama performed for them.

I met with the PACCT committee and they are looking forward to the next training in March which will be for women.

Hopegiver’s Michael Glenn and I then visited Pastor Copeland and his HopeHome. He had 16 kids there and 2 students who are being supported by the project. Had a classroom and personal expressions of gratitude from the children. What a worthy project to support.