Friends of WorldHope Corps and Communities of Shalom: 

Here’s an urgent update from our mission partner, Br. Julius in Katikara, at Trading Centre in Western Uganda.  We’re trying to raise $2,300 this month to meet the need. Please help us if you can.

Greetings and best regards from Uganda:

We have ended the rainy season and now the dry period has
started, December, January, February and early March we anticipate
best performance of the water project in Katikara Trading Centre. There are
only two boreholes and our Water Store serving a population of more than 6000.

However last week our pump broke down. We have tried to make
repairs but in vain because it picked up a lot of sand and stones and thus it
needs replacement at a cost of $2300.  Its
been two weeks now without water in the trading centre. This is a very tricky
situation to me and the entire population looks at our project as the only Savior.

It’s so unfortunate that our pump has effectively served for
only one year,  however the outcomes are
much visible. The income generated has been able to help us make at least five
more extensions that is about 1000 meters.

I can’t say that we can save this situation here without
external support now. On behalf of our the poverty stricken families of
Katikara, I beg for support in order to buy a new pump.

According to a reliable supplier
in Hoima town,

a pump costs – ($1400)

Armed water resistant cable – ($450)

Holding Rope – ($300)

Connectors and accessories – ($50)

Installation cost and transport – ($120)

All required expenses totaling to ($2,320)

The situation is extremely difficult to explain. Katikara
trading centre has had no water supply for now two weeks, they are only waiting
for our system to raise. Worse of all the children are for holidays and the dry
season has started.

With many thanks in advance.

Julius Kasaija

Director, Hoima Communties of Shalom

CEO – SARS Uganda

P.O. Box 313 Hoima

Tel: +256 782 462 201