Here’s an Project Update from Julius Kasaija  on new Ladderloo Project 

(latrine recycling 

demonstration) in Hoima District, Western Uganda.  This community sanitation and hygiene project, sponsored by Engineering for Hope, complements WorldHope Corps Water Purification System and Water Store in the region.–mjc

Dear Partners,

Greetings and best regards to you.

It is quite some time since I last communicate to you about the Ladderloo imitative. I will first appreciate the new venture and its complications of making it effective in the new communities. We successfully installed eleven toilets however only five are being used properly and effectively, the other families used them for a while and they abandoned them not because of their problems but poor attitude to change. We have since been monitoring the real users. They are satisfied and these are the homes that we will give a backing to our new deal with government officials.

Hoima District has a cholera out break especially along the shores of lake Albert bordering Democratic Republic of Congo; we visited  one of the shores with Dr Michael during his last visit to Uganda. The out break is too severe and at least over 150 people are already in a gazetted treatment centre, At least 4 people have died. 

Where as it is true that we had earlier met the health officers from Hoima and Kibaale district introducing our new initiative to sanitation and hygiene, we had not received the best answers and a clear time line to understand our project. however on 17/06/2016 we were invited to attend Hoima district High level planing meeting for health services where we presented our new project. It was such an exciting moment! I took time to explain the scheme and how it would help curb cholera outbreak along the sandy and breaking lake shores as every one was eager to listen and ask questions.

Since then we have had a series of meeting with the civil servants and political heads aligning how will will implement the project. It was resolved therefore, on 12/07/2016 SARS will host the district team in Katikara, this will be a study tour for the official to see physically how the Ladderloo works. There after a team will make its recommendations  to the district and government if SARS can begin implementation at the lake shores as a pilot system geared towards restraining the cholera problem.

Currently we are busy supervising the households that have gracefully taken on Ladderloo.

My simple request to you is if possible you support us with motivation funds to first of all to our promoters and SARS staff, these have been in the field for the last four months and are not motivated. Secondly we have so far held four meeting both in Kibaale and Hoima districts, these require transport, facilitation allowances and lastly, SARS is obliged to facilitate a five man team from the Hoima district both civil servants and politicians to and from Katikara with simple allowances and fuel. as you already aware that SARS is a small organization which depend on non salaried volunteers,  this can partly explain the delays in communication. Our Budget is Promoters – $600, SARS – $200, Meetings & Tour – $400 = $1200 

Kindly find the attached photos

Thank you,

Julius Kasaija

CEO – SARS Uganda