From CitiHope’s Paul Moore II in the DR:

The view from ‘the ground’ is staggering. Incredible need, pain and loss. But our local partners are doing amazing work, and are overwhelmed with gratitude for our assistance. They are ‘the real deal’ as my father would say, and I am grateful we can help them. This really is one of the worst crises I have seen (and I’ve seen a fair share) especially due to the complete lack of infrastructure – even in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami there were other areas of the country that were unharmed that could respond and assist quickly. For Haiti, the Dominican Republic is really the closest ‘help’ and the DR isn’t much better off than Haiti was to begin with. Here in the north the food relief that has been sent to PAP simply hasn’t made it here yet. Malnutrition is a great risk now, a week later. Our DR rep, Tim Tuccelli actually used to be a mason, so we’re beginning to construct open-air fire pits/ovens for cooking the food that will come. There are an abundance of well-intentioned volunteers here without medical training available to cook, prepare meals and help with patient feeding. From what I’ve been able to see today Jimani Hospital seems relatively secure, but there is no significant military or police presence in the region.