A village well in Mosanto in return for a large chicken?

On Monday, March 12, 2007, CitiHope volunteers, Don Wahlig and Dennis McQuerry, were invited by Rev. Levi Nyondo, pastor of St. Andrews Church, to drive out to the small village of Mosanto (pop. 1,000) in the bush outside of Mzuzu City. There St Andrew’s Church has a satellite prayer hut, and this village also needs a well.

Upon arrival, Dennis and Don were treated as honored guests (rumored to have international contacts and access to resources). The Village Chief, who was also the headmaster at the school, presented them with large chicken–a customary gift for a special guest.

Don and Dennis sat with the leadership to discuss their need for a Village Well. They asked all the right questions about how a possible village well project would be a mutual undertaking, maintainable and sustainable for the long run. Satisfied with their need and resource assessment, Don and Dennis returned to CitiHope’s mission center to make their report and recommendations, and presented their chicken to the staff cook, Taxon, to prepare the next meal.

A village well in Mosanto in return for a chicken is a question we pondered for a long time at CitiHope before committing to the Samaritan Wells project. Dennis McQuerry (pictured above with his chicken) is actively fund-raising in the State of Washington to help sponsor a deep water well for Mosanto. I believe he will be successful, and will be able to return to the people of Mosanto with a special gift for them.