Three New Village Wells Completed in 2009

Summary: Three new village wells were installed in 2009 for a total of ten deep water wells in Malawi since 2007.  These were funded and facilitated by WorldHope Corps in collaboration with Central Church of Africa, Presbyterian, United Methodist Church Mzuzu Circuit, and CitiHope International. Two additional wells have been sponsored for installation in Spring 2010. The next WorldHope Corps assessment trip is scheduled for July 2010 to monitor all sponsored wells and implement a maintenance program for sustainability.  Village wells now in operation and in need of maintenance are listed as follows:

1.     Zowe (3 hours outside of Mzuzu) is a remote preaching point of the Mzuzu United Methodist

Church Circuit, requested by Pastor Copeland Nkhata, senior pastor. Number of users: 1,000.  Project sponsored and funded by Mike Rose, Barry Emen and Chris Grant in July, 2007.  Additionally, one broken down well near Zowe was repaired and restored to full operation.

2.  Mosanto (1 hour outside Mzuzu) is a preaching point of St Andrews Presbyterian Church of Mzuzu, requested by Rev. Levi Nyondo, senior pastor. Number of users:  1,000   Project funded and implemented directly by mission team from Westside Presbyterian Church in Washington State in August, 2007. In Geisha Village, a few miles from Monsanto and near a school, a second well–a ‘merry-go-round’ model–was sponsored by the Westside mission team in September 2007.  Upon inspection by WorldHope Corps in March 2009, it was not in operation due to a breakdown and absence of spare parts.   WorldHope Corps paid for its repair in May 2009 and it is now back in operation. Number of users:  500  

3. Kamphenda I  (Sinjiliheni borehole) After doing the necessary need assessment and documentation, the Church and Society program of the Presbyterian Synod of Livingstonia requested help to provide at least two deep water wells for the neediest of 200 villages in the rural area of Kamphenda.    Number of users:  5,000 (only well in large cluster of villages). Installed in March 2008.  Sponsored by Bob and Diane Noelke of Chatham, NJ,

4. Kamphenda II (Chisungula borehole)  A second village well in Kampenda catchment was installed in March 2008. Number of users:  3,000 (only well in large cluster of villages). Sponsored by Bob and Diane Noelke of Chatham, NJ

5.  Kamphenda III  A third village well in Kampenda was selected and contracted for installation in June 2008.  The borehole was installed in June 2008.   Number of users: 1500.  Sponsored by Mike and Bonnie Rose of Summit, New Jersey.

6.  Kanyama Village where there had only been a shallow well with unsafe and periodic water. The deep water borehole was installed during the summer of 2008. Number of users: 1000. Sponsored by Mike and Bonnie Rose of Summit, New Jersey.

7. Euthin is another remote preaching point in the growing Methodist circuit served by Rev. Copeland Nkhata that is so disparately in need of a village well.  Installed in September 2009. Number of users: 2,000.  Sponsored by Mike Bond, Basking Ridge, NJ.

8. Kaviyombo is a Methodist preaching point in the Mzima District of northern Malaw, approximately 3 hours south of Mzuzu.  Requested by Rev. Copeland Nkatha, Senior Pastor. Installed in September 2009. Number of users: 1000.  Sponsored by Avv. Salvatore Talia, Medical Mission International, Rotkreuz, Switzerland.

 9. Kamthuleni  is a small village with a primary school near Chataloma, Kasungu District, in Malawi.  Rev. L.A. Tembo, a retired Presbyterian pastor, is the Village Headman who requested a deep water well near the school.  Installed in September 2009.  Number of users: 700.  Sponsored by John Conroy, Sr., Medical Missions International, Kent, United Kingdom.

Background:  In March 2007, I met 20 village chiefs without a source of fresh water in their villages in the Kamphenda area of northern Malawi.  I promised to do what I could to find sponsors and facilitate the installation of 20 wells.  A total of seven village wells were funded and sponsored in 2007-08.  Three additional wells were installed in 2009.  If 10 more wells are sponsored in 2010, I will have fulfilled my commitment to 20 village chiefs who do not have fresh water in their villages in Malawi.  If interested in how to sponsor the next village well, please contact:

Michael J. Christensen, CEO

WorldHope Corps, Inc.

11 Ardsleigh Drive

Madison, NJ 07940