“Sadly, I do think most deaths will be in those countries (Africa, Asia and South America), and the most extreme economic pain…” — Bill Gates on PBS News Hour, April 7, 2020

EASTER 2020: We’re all coping the best we can during this Easter season of hopeful-struggle in the face of the Global pandemic by the name of Covid-19.  

“Brace yourselves,” I say to our international ministry partners,“ as new cases in their countries surface and testing begins. How to help them prepare, put basic provisions in place, and help the people stay healthy and safe. 

COVID CARE KITS, our Easter campaign this year, urgently seeks cash donations to help our front-line ministry partners in Malawi, Uganda, and Palestine procure and distribute soap and sanitizers, face masks, and emergency food, in areas most at risk for the coronavirus which has already arrived. WorldHope Corps sponsors two Hope Tailoring Schools in Malawi and Uganda, and a child development center in Bethlehem—the city of Christ’s birth.  Listen to what the leaders say is needed right now, in their own words:

From Pastor Dennis Singini, Program Director, WorldHope Corps Malawi:

“The first Corona virus cases were confirmed in Lilongwe last week, according to the President of Malawi, still but crowds less than 100 are still assembling. Our [HIV/AIDS mother-to-child transmission prevention] program is greatly affected, and people are so scared…. 

Civic education is need, and a provision of water buckets and soap for each family to wash hands.   Some villages have nothing and still do not know about hygiene and sanitation. They need training and help to purchase gloves, masks, and simple water buckets like this in which to wash their hands.

This water bucket for washing hands in family households in rural villages only costs $4.  We need at least 200 to equip the first village where WorldHope Corps Malawi is active.

WorldHope Corps hopes to raise $800 during the Easter Season to meet this need. 

And at least $1000 is needed for the Hope Tailoring School to make 1000 masks (5 per household).  Plus another $400 for a little food and a bar of soap for 200 families.

Will you contribute whatever you can toward this $2,200 request?  Just visit our website and make a donation. Thank you!