Members of SARS with Fr. Paul and Br. Julius

We raised the roof of the St. George Hope Health Center in 2009.  Now lets equip the buildings, ensure clean water and sanitation, and empower young women for self-reliance. 

During the first ten days of June last summer I had the rich of experience of meeting Br. Julius Kasaija with the Sustainable Action for Rural Sector (SARS)–a Shalom-style community development work near Hoima, Uganda.  WorldHope Corps had been supporting SARS and their partner ministry, St George Hope Health Center, for three years now. Retired Judge Tom Dilts at Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church had introduced me to Julius and his brother, Fr. Paul Bigirwa, and their wonderful work in Western Uganda, but until June we had not met in person. Julius attended our ShalomZone Training in Uganda in June, and we became fast friends.

St George Hope Health Centre ready for equipment

We’ve tried to raise a little money each year for Fr. Paul and Br. Julius to keep their good work going.  See previous Uganda blog posts  We Raised the Roof

This month WorldHope Corps received two generous pledges totaling $7,000 in support of the St George Hope Health Centre, and I know that there are others who wish to contribute to other SARS projects the before the end of the year through WHC.  

Toward this end, I asked Tom Dilts, who deeply carries the passion and vision for this work, to summarize three SARS projects in Western Uganda worthy of support of WorldHope Corps donors.  Indeed, Julius and Paul have been praying for potential sponsors so that their faithful undertakings will be fully funded in 2012: 

SARS volunteers performing in Village


The goal is to enhance income generation capacities for 240 women and family members from 60 households by providing improved planting materials and training on more productive farming. Those to benefit include single mothers and fathers, widows and widowers, people living with HIV/AIDS, and out of school youth. The services to be provided are vast when compared with the cost of the program. Total cost is $7,175 US, of which $1,005 will be provided by local contributions. The requested contribution is $6,170.  A full proposal and program details is available for review by emailing 

Women collect rainwater from roadside stream

$3,600 for WATER and SANITATION PROJECT for 6000 people in BIREMBO, UGANDA

The proposed project directly address water and sanitation problems that negatively impact the rural poor communities.  Because of polluted water being the primary source for drinking in most rural villages, 70% of children who had their stool examined were found to have roundworms and whipworm.  Indeed, one out of five children die from water-borne diseases under the age of 5.  Our project goal is to promote the best hygiene and water & sanitation practices in neglected rural areas.  This through (1) mass awareness campaign and public education, (2) repairing damaged shallow wells and water springs at community level, and (3) to build capacity for community-based water resource teams.  The idea is to arouse community consciousness, perceptions and attitudes about clean water and appropriate sanitation.  An increase demand for clean water will not only promote a sense of ownership of the water sources, but also responsibility and sustainability. This 6-month project seeks our support of $3,600 and will directly benefit 6,000 people and indirectly benefit 36,000 more.  A full proposal and program details is available for review by emailing  

St George Hope Health Centre’s three nearly completed units


Two years ago, with your support and the support of WorldHope Corps, we helped “raise the roof” on the 3 new buildings of the future St George Hope Health Centre.  This year, the community in Hoima, Uganda, is ready and eager to outfit the principal building with equipment and instruments to open wide its doors.  Our help is needed to help make this happen!  Already, key supporters have raised $7,000 for the Hope Centre, and with other donations we can start equipping the second of the three new buildings.  A full proposal and program details is available for review by emailing 

SARS projects now are part of WorldHope Corp’s growing international network of sustainable community development projects focused on health, education and clean water.

Work Day for SARS in Western Uganda