Many Malawian women are housewives; many are not educated. Some left school when they were in primary school and got married at 16 or 18 years old. Such women depend on their husbands to bring home food and support. However, this tradition brings many family challenges, like domestic violence and discrimination because many men take advantage of the status of the women.

WorldHope Corps Malawi has engaged in fighting against domestic violence that erupts because of financial injustices and imbalances due to poverty. Our women’s empowerment projects are designed to uplift their financial status and to help in supporting the family as a whole. Simple income-generating activities–like tailoring—has proved effective since the women do this while at home.

WHC Mw provided a loan to purchase 5 sewing machines for 5 women in Mzuzu at a cost of MK 120,000 ($163) each with 5% interest. World Hope Corps Malawi made several home visits to encourage them and assess the progress of their small business, which proved to be progressing very well. Our encouragement gave them strength and motivation to pay off their loan. The women are successful and feeling very happy.  World Hope Corps Malawi is pleased with these women who have made another payment of their loan.

Matrider, World Hope Corps Women Project Coordinator, with five women during a handover ceremony

These women are now looking for another loan for sewing machines that can help them start their professional sewing business.  WorldHope Corps Malawi discussed this possibility with the women’s group, and they are ready to train other women how to sew within their communities. Apart from the machines, they will also be provided with fabric to beef up the business.

WorldHope Corps Malawi appreciates all donors and well-wishers for supporting these women and their poor families. The women’s daily life has significantly improved.  They are thinking of sways to establish a cooperative once all requirements are met. WorldHope Corps Malawi will continue working closely with them and connecting them to other resources that may help them in business management.