We went to Leogane to do food distribution today, I was hurt by seeing the broken buildings but was hurt me the most was seeing the people living life refugees on their own land. Knowing Haiti, I have a feeling that this is what it will look like for the next decade or more. Unless the government has a concrete plan of transiting these people from these camping or tenting grounds to communities where they will work, Haiti will end up having millions of little Cite Soleil. Now relief is feeding the people regularly although many are unreached, but I wonder what the plan is when they run out of relief food in the next 3 to 6 months. Miss Valerie, my heart grieves for what the future may look like for Haiti.

Any ways, the roads are open up from DR to Jacmel and to Mizak right now. Take care.

Ricot Leon

Joining God at Work in Haiti

Les Cayes, Haiti