The Emergency Food Relief Program is part of CitiHope’s Cooperative Agreement with a USAID Food for Peace Program that provides food commodities for CitiHope staff and volunteers to manage, distribute, monitor, and document. The program budget is additionally funded through co-sponsors such as World Children’s Fund and Hopegivers International.

According to our staff monitors in the field, we have have exceeded the number of vulnerable women and children served in famine-affected regions of Malawi!

USAID Food for Peace provided CitiHope with 75 metric tons of food commodities, which translates into 6,249 cartons of Breedlove food product, enough to serve to serve approximately 4,000,000 lunch-sized servings of protein-fortified vegetable soup mix. An estimated 22,000 needy orphans, patients, and primary school children received at least one healthy meal a day) over the six-month period.

The high-protein vegetable soup mix, valued at $200,000, was delivered to 17 hospitals, 7 schools, 5 prisons and 9 orphan care centers (for a total of 38 beneficiaries) in northern Malawi by CitiHope staff and volunteers in January/February 2007.

Thus, World Children’s Fund has helped provide a nutritional meal every day to approximately 22,000 orphans, vulnerable school children, and hospital patients cared for in 38 community-based organizations located in famine-prone rural areas of northern Malawi.