Sustainable Action Rural Sector (SARS) Progress Report for June 2016 by Julius Kasaija

WorldHope representative Maxim Schrogin purchases first jerry can of purified water in Feb. 2016.

Dear Dr. Micheal,

Greetings and best regards to you.

I will first of all apologize for slow communication this year. I have had problems with my health,  I have been down suffering from malaria for a second time in only two months, this has rendered me ineffective as far as field work and office is concerned; however our thin staff has been so reliable and effective thus moving SARS projects forward. Kindly find our report attached.


SARS/WHC Katikara water project, our much treasured gold mine, has now grown to four months since inception in February 2016. The project we have all positively sponsored has reached a stage where local people are benefiting from the water project which has positive effects to the community.  Today we can ably report that the water store is providing clean and safe water to the community is being served.

Project Financial Performance and Reporting:

We have compiled a summary of figures extracted from the daily sales Roster for the months of February, March, April and May (see attached).  Please note that the following totals: 

  • Number of jerry cans of water sold in April and May is 7,449  
  • We charge the equivalent of 15-20 cents per jerry can  
  • Total income for our first four months (Feb-May) is 4,186,300 Uganda Shillings ($1,239 US). 
  • Total expenses were 2,858,900 ($846 US).  
  • Our net income for savings is 1,327,400 ($393 US)

The sales are slowly increasing despite power and pump challenges.  One day we hope to be able to pay our volunteer staff.

Pump and Generator Replacement needed:

On a sad note; I am sorry to report that beginning with this week, we have not been able to pump water to the tanks due the fact that our pump has experienced a multi failure. It is a very unfortunate situation, and the only funds on our accounts is $500. Whereas there is a possibility to improve the pump efficiency, we have determined that a new kind of pump is necessary.  Since it is clear that the cost of the pump is $3200, SARS has so far saved $500 towards purchasing a pump for project efficiency.  

Project Debt Clearing:

In February 2016 SARS accrued a debt of $9270, which was as result of high costs of installation and insufficient funds. More than $20,000 was raised and spent so far to purchase plots for the source well, pumping station and water store, drilling the borehole, construction of a processing house, purchase of generator and plumbing materials, and costs of labour. But the costs were greater than anticipated to become operational.  WHCs has been able to pay part of the debt with a $4000 loan. SARS has also been able to clear part of the debt to a tune of $700 so far.  Currently we have a debt of $4500.


We have no paid staff and we depend on volunteers to execute our work. We have three volunteers on part time basis; we have the security guard (Bagonza John), pump technician (Murungi Godfrey) and a booth attendant (Birungi Charity) on top of (Mpunde Geoffrey) a project manager who doubles as SARS field officer Volunteer. All in all we work as a team entirely to see the success of the project.

Processing station and storage tank. 

Account Opening:

At the beginning of May 2016, we opened a Community Bank Account at local branch in Hoima 10310001985 with three signatories: Julius Kasaija, Jackson Sabiiti and Nyakato Salimat. This will be helpful in accounting for funds generated.

Power line extension 

We have been able to secure a power line extension up to the production well and process house. With the help of Dr. Kasirivu Atwooki we extended a power line to the point where we can easily access it for use, and the only remaining part is construction of a power house and subsequent wiring. This has been done at a cost of $500. We believe this will help us pump water at a lower rate.

Visit by the Minister of Economic Monitoring– Dr. Kasirivu Atwooki:

Julius hosts Minister of Economic Monitoring

We were able to host Dr. Kasirivu Atwooki in the office of the President and Bugagaizi West member of Parliament.  He visited our production well and water store. He was happy that SARS–a small organization– is implementing such a long term and sustainable project. He pledged support for our project and we agreed to begin lobbying government for expansion of the current project to carter for the greater parts of Katikara. He further lauded SARS and her partners for the economic aspect of the project, especially the purification system and the consequent plan of water bottling. He believes this kind of approach will ably sustain the project.

Water Management Team and Community:

We highly commend the community and water management members in Katikara who have been so patient with us.  At times we were unable to supply water due to pumping and generator challenges. Rather than complaining, the community sympathizes with our new operation.  We pray that hydro power is connected soon, and that we can replace the current pump and generator.


On behalf of SARS and on my own behalf I wish to extend our sincere thanks to all our partners at WorldHope Corps and Healing Waters International.  You all have patiently waited for this status report but today I am happy to send it to you.

We at SARS are happy and appreciative for the international and local support extended to us as we struggle to serve our target communities. No doubt we shall keep doing what we promise in most accurate and transparent manner.


Julius Kasaija

Chief Executive Officer

Sustainable Action for Rural Sector (SARS)

Uganda Africa