Making a Difference 
praying, pledging and providing hope through WorldHope Corps

As a small volunteer corps of “believers without borders for the common good”, WHC has raised over a million dollars and taken on relief and development projects in Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Belarus, and Palestine.

We have delivered over one million dollars in humanitarian aid, awarded over 30 Hope Scholarships, trained hundreds of people in HIV care and community development, and drilled over 60 village wells. Impressive results for a small organization with a small budget and only two paid staff!

WHC has a donor-advisory provision whereby donors can designate their gifts to an approved project led by a donor-advisor. Examples of these projects include Village wells, Hope Scholarships for Youth, Community Development Training, and Anti Malaria Mosquito Net Distribution.

I invite you to prayerfully consider a project in our catalog that warms your heart and support our good works today.

Seeking the Shalom of the Community,
Michael J. Christensen, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director



Village Wells in Malawi
 living water is clean water for daily life

Parasites, worms, cholera and dysentery contribute to the deaths of thousands of children everyday in Africa, and simple access to clean water saves countless lives. Why should women and children have to fetch water from a dirty water hole, or walk 3+ miles every day to the nearest well? We have drilled over 60 deep-water village wells since 2007, each serving from 300 to 3,000 families. We want to drill at least 3 new wells each year. Your most generous gift will help save children from waterborne diseases, improve community heath and help families thrive.

The cost of a deep village well is $10,000


Incubation Loan Funds
providing startup loan funds for micro-businesses

 One of the biggest challenges faced by potential business owners is funding. The World Hope Corps Incubation Loan Fund was established to address this critical need. By funding a Startup Micro-Loan, you are providing a future for a worthy individual and breaking the cycle of NGO Aid dependence.

The minimum cost of a Startup Micro-Loan is $100


Community Water Stores in Uganda and Malawi
providing safe water for years to come

Last year we opened our first Community Water Store at a trading village in Western Uganda. This year we need to increase production and expand the water purification system in Uganda for more people. The cost to provide clean water every day for a family is $150 The cost to install a complete water filtration system is $15,000



St. Joseph’s Nursery School
providing education and community transformation

 Your gift of any amount will be used for educational scholarships, technical and relational support and community development training in the ancient city of Bethlehem . The words “let the little children come to me” are lived out in this vital mission to the youngest children of Bethlehem.
The cost of providing Community Development Training is $3000




Support Fair-trade Coffee Cooperative in Uganda
“not just a cup, but a just cup” … providing economic development

. Over 500 “Shalom Coffee Farmers” in Uganda are learning how to organize and work together to grow and export organic, high quality, fair-trade coffee beans for an international boutique coffee market. Sponsor a farmer, teacher or community worker for the next level of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Shalom training. The cost for training is $50 per participant.



Hope Scholarships
“teaching someone to fish” in Malawi and Uganda

Your gift of any amount will be used for educational scholarships, technical and relational support and community development training in Malawi, Uganda, Palestine and the USA. Keep a kid in secondary school for $250 per year Send a kid to vocational training for $100 per term Provide school supplies for a rural classroom for $50-$100 Sponsor the next Women’s Empowerment Conference for $3,000


Women’s Empowerment
“investing in the health and livelihood of young women”

Women who attend this 3-day inspirational ,recreational ,and educational event will benefit from counseling, health education and motivational speakers.

Discussion issues will include: – vocational & economic development – domestic violence – family health – HIV education

WHC will presented two conferences in Fall of 2018: – one in Malawi – one in Uganda.   Spring 2019 we have been invited to coordinate Women’s Economic Training in Bethlehem, Palestine and in Kampala, Uganda.

The cost of sponsoring a conference is $3000, The cost of sponsoring a participant is $30 .