Volunteer Missions

In all its mission partnerships and activities, WHC engages in
what the spiritual writer Henri Nouwen calls “reverse mission”—the
idea that those who serve the poor find themselves to be the poor that are served by others. North Americans who desire to travel to areas of need to
make a difference in the world frequently find themselves
transformed by the process. WHC Mission Trips tend to raise hope
among those with whom we serve, and transform those who go together
on mission.

See blog post for Next Mission Trip

Mission: To raise hope in vulnerable communities
through cross-cultural relationships, “reverse mission” and the
ministry of presence.

Reverse Mission: Our service team will focus its activities on being present in communities need and to vulnerable persons, who have their own gifts to share. By focusing our mission of help and hope on relational support and being with those who are economically poor, we hope to fulfill a ministry of presence (God’s presence through us) which may result in our own spiritual transformation. Henri Nouwen calls this “reverse mission.” In
encountering the rich spirit of Christ in those whom we would serve,
we ourselves are transformed in the process. A good way to prepare
for the trip is to read Henri Nouwen’s book Gracias to deepen your understanding of “reverse mission.” Other reading material will be recommended to team members preparing for the trip.