Hope for On-line Training

   Fall 2020 Update Mobilizing Assets for the Common Good   Hope Scholarships “teach someone to fish” in Malawi, Uganda, Palestine, or the USA Hope Scholarships provide educational scholarships, community development training as well as technical and relational support.  In one year, Hope Scholarships: funded educational scholarships for 16 youth who otherwise could not complete High School; graduated the third class of 12 young seamstresses in Hope Tailoring School, so that they can become self-sufficient and contribute

Asset-Based Community Development Begins.

We are doing Asset-Based Community Development in Kampala. Using Conversation Groups, the staff of Support for ALL Foundation are talking with citizens in their neighborhood to determine issues they care about, skills and talents in the neighboorhod.  Individuals who care enough to act on a community issue will have their voices heard. If they have the capacity and interest, they can join the efforts of Support For ALL Foundation.


WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROJECT. SMALL LOAN PROJECT Many Malawian women are housewives; many are not educated. Some left school when they were in primary school and got married at 16 or 18 years old. Such women depend on their husbands to bring home food and support. However, this tradition brings many family challenges, like domestic violence and discrimination because many men take advantage of the status of the women. WorldHope Corps Malawi has engaged in fighting