Core Programs


Mobilize, train, equip and deploy professional and lay persons in the service of humanity in vulnerable world areas of need, particularly through the vehicle of mission service trips and other organized events.


Connect resources with needs through individual, community and church sponsorship of specific projects.


Community development and micro-enterprise projects in vulnerable world areas of need (e.g. village wells, water purification, community gardens, educational scholarships). Limited micro-loans available to training participants.


Provide people of means with ways to strategically leverage and channel their charitable contributions (financial, material and professional resources) to areas of need for the alleviation of suffering and poverty of people throughout the world.


Provide humanitarian aid (GIK) to assist in relieving the poverty, sickness and suffering of people throughout the world, in particular food, medical and other gifts in kind, as well as direct volunteer services aimed at relieving hunger, sickness and economic hardship.


Educate the public concerning the social, spiritual, political, economic and other systemic problems that challenge disadvantaged and vulnerable people through print media, public appearances, and other mass media.

Donor-Advised Projects

  • Provide Clean Water through Village Wells in Malawi by install new village wells each year. Periodic, seasonal, anti-malaria mosquito net distribution in Malawi during rainy season. Water Purification in Uganda, providing clean water for over 5,000 villagers and visitors in Katikara trading centre near Hoima, Uganda.
  • Provide Hope Scholarships to students attending vocational school and secondary school in Mzuzu and support for community-based schools in Uganda
  • Offer Asset Based Community Development Training in Malawi, Uganda, Palestine and USA, including Training to fair-trade coffee farmers in Uganda.
  • Sponsor Women’s Economic Empowerment workshops in Malawi, Uganda and Palestine
  • Sponsor Early Childhood Teacher Training in Bethlehem, Palestine
  • Program Incubation and fiduciary agency support for Friend Ship San Diego—an emerging L’Arche Community for people with and without disabilities.