Martha, Toni, Norman and Dennis Visit Orphan Care Centers and Villages in need of Wells

Antonio and Norman with FOMCO children in late October 2016 Coordinated by Dennis Singini, WorldHope Corps staff and volunteers–Dennis Kelvin Zulu, Martha Cavazos,Norman and Antonio Kroger–visited two orphan care centers and several rural villagesin northern Malawi in October/November to assess community needs and provisions.  Kelvin Zulu is Program Assistant for WorldHope Malawi.  He also is a gifted and committed teacher who for the past 10 years has instructed children without parents at FOMCO–an orphan care and feeding station in Mzuzu

Shalom Church–Time Has Come

What’s happening to Church? “I’m certain that God is in the future, but wonder if the church has a future.”–Leonard Sweet “The future of the Church is Shalom for All–the people of God, seeking the shalom of the community to where they have been sent into exile (Jeremiah 29:7).”–Michael J. Christensen Three Questions: What do we mean by ‘church’?    What is the future of the Church in North America in light of declining church

Green Village UMC and Malawi

 Dr. Michael Christensen, Director of Communities of Shalom for the United Methodist Church, Rev. Clarissa South Holland, Pastor of Green Village United Methodist Church, Dennis Singini, Guest preacher and Regional Shalom Trainer in Malawi The United Methodist Church in Green Village was delighted to welcome Dennis Singini, Regional Shalom Trainer For Communities of Shalom International, to her pulpit on July 1, 2012. We were also pleased to have the Director of Communities of Shalom, Dr.

Green Village UMC Welcomes Dennis Singini

Dr. Michael Christensen, Rev. Clarissa Holland and Pastor Dennis Singini The United Methodist Church in Green Village, NJ, welcomed Pastor Dennis Singini to their Pulpit today for Communion Sunday. Dennis, a circuit-riding pastor in Malawi, is program coordinator for CitiHope Malawi, in charge of food[1] and medical distributions and HIV/AIDS training for churches[2].   Dennis also works for WorldHope Corps in Malawi on its Well-rig crew, drilling deep-water wells for villages without a clean water supply

Happy Epiphany 2012

We attended Pacific Beach United Methodist Church today which began a six week Season of Epiphany series on Science and Spirituality, including weekly opportunities to “eat with a scientist” in the congregation and discuss with them how they integrate their scientific discoveries and their Christian faith.  Today’s scriptural lesson and sermon was on the Star the Magi studied and followed from Babylon to Bethlehem. (Matt 2:1-12). “In the ancient world scholars believed that there was