Politics of Jesus

Jesse Jackson support Obery Hendricks speaking at OSW Dr. Obery Hendricks, Professor of New Testament Intepretation at New York Theological Semianry, Scholar in Residence at Columbia University, and author of The Politics of Jesus, attended the Occupy Advent service with Jesse Jackson and was invited to speak. “Treat the people’s needs as holy…” is one of seven strategies Jesus used to “give a voice to the voiceless” and “expose the workings of oppression” —to challenge the

Shalom Zone on Wall Street?

Friends of Shalom, As National Director, following the lead of my Dean at Drew, I have identified myself and Communities of Shalom withwww.OccupyFaithNYC.com –a multifaith coalition of religious leaders and faith-based organizations in metro New York in direct  solidarity with and support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Personally, I have visited Occupy camps in three cities and participated in three multifaith services at Zuccotti Park, and joined a dozen clergy and religious leaders who led

Occupy Advent in Solidarity with the 99%

Jubilee Angel Advent is a good time to Occupy. I have been following, participating, and blogging about the OccupyWall Street movement for several weeks now, and I am ready to recommend some specific solidarity actions during this Advent season. I’m calling on Ministers of Shalom, designated Shalom Zones, Communities of Shalom, Belivers Without Borders, and other faith-based groups and people of good will, to find creative ways to “seek shalom in the community where you

Lord, Hear Our Prayers

On this 60th day of Occupy Wall Street, protestors camping at Zuccotti Park were removed by force early this morning, many arrested, as frustration escalates. Early morning photos of Un-Occupying the Park Direct Actions for the two-month anniversary of the movement are being organized:  OccupyFaithNYC.org  Let us pray that this anti-greed and pro-economic reform movement does not turn violent.   And let us hope and pray that OccupyFaith finds new ways to support the highest ideals

Does God Have Favorites?

Today is the 58th day of Occupy Wall Street, my fifth time to occupy with faith. Three worship services on Sunday is certainly enough prayer, praise and protest for one day. The Path Train from Hoboken delivered me to Christopher Street in the West Village which was an easy walk to the Church of the Village: A Progressive United Methodist Church.  “Bishop J” is senior pastor (who had set up several shalom zones when he was Bishop