Green Village UMC Welcomes Dennis Singini

Dr. Michael Christensen, Rev. Clarissa Holland and Pastor Dennis Singini The United Methodist Church in Green Village, NJ, welcomed Pastor Dennis Singini to their Pulpit today for Communion Sunday. Dennis, a circuit-riding pastor in Malawi, is program coordinator for CitiHope Malawi, in charge of food[1] and medical distributions and HIV/AIDS training for churches[2].   Dennis also works for WorldHope Corps in Malawi on its Well-rig crew, drilling deep-water wells for villages without a clean water supply

Time to Own Our Own Rig

WorldHope Corps Seeks Sponsors to Secure Well Rig Equipment in Malawi Calling all sponsors.  We need $50,000 to start our own well-drilling ministry.  After five years of sponsoring village wells by hiring well rig companies to do the work, we are ready to secure our own equipment, employ our own crew, and run our own well-drilling business.   For more information on this new venture, and learn how you can help, please contact us at

Good News, Bad News but more Good News on Hope House

Hope Scholarship House under construction in February 2012 Friends of WorldHope Corps: I am pleased to report that WE DID IT!   Friends of our mission in Mzuzu, Malawi, contributed more than the $2,500 needed to complete the Hope Scholarship House building project and more!   We thank God and all you who contributed to the Hope House Fund, especially:  Rev. Paul Gasque and the United Methodist Women of the  Latta UMC; John Lang and

Hope Tailoring School Update

Rev Michael and all Friends, Kindly feast your eyes on what the Lord is still is doing in our midst and in our community. The students from the Hope Tailoring School are getting ready for their graduation and their skills are getting better by the day. The first week of May 2012 we shall parade in the university hall for this fabulous event. Please continue to pray for and support the program. We count on

Hope House Now Has Roof and Water Tank

WorldHope-UMC “Hope Scholarship” House will not run out of water  Due to accelerating inflation in Malawi, cost of materials sky-rocketed. Our Hope Scholarship House now requires an additional $2500 to be completed.  Is anyone out there willing to contribute this amount, in whole or in part?  If so, please send your gift to WorldHope Corps, Inc., P.O. Box 295, Madison, NJ 07940.