Pastor Dennis Singini USA Tour for WorldHope Malawi

Man on a Mission August 1, 2016 Dear Friends of WorldHope Corps: It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Dennis Singini as Country Representative and Program Director, WorldHope Malawi! For ten years, since 2006, I’ve been a ‘Man on a Mission to Malawi’ to help AIDS orphans, provide Hope Scholarships, and drill village wells in Malawi.  This year, rather than returning to Malawi, I’ll help a ‘Man on a Mission from Malawi’

WorldHope Corps/SARS Water Project Progress Report for Second Quarter 2016

Sustainable Action Rural Sector (SARS) Progress Report for June 2016 by Julius Kasaija WorldHope representative Maxim Schrogin purchases first jerry can of purified water in Feb. 2016. Dear Dr. Micheal, Greetings and best regards to you. I will first of all apologize for slow communication this year. I have had problems with my health,  I have been down suffering from malaria for a second time in only two months, this has rendered me ineffective as

Shalom Training Track at CCDA in Memphis–Please share the word!

Shalom Training Track at Christian Community Development Association National Conference  Nov. 11-12th, 2015 Every year, over 4,000 faith-motivated, justice-driven, community ministry leaders gather for the Christian Community Development Association’s national conference.  This year we’re in Memphis for CCDA. In behalf of Communities of Shalom, a member organization, I am pleased to invite you to four events at CCDA in Memphis on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 11-12th, 2015:  ·         Networking Lunch Session for trainers ·         Practical Workshop on repurposing church buildings ·         Go and See a Shalom Site in

Green Village UMC Welcomes Dennis Singini

Dr. Michael Christensen, Rev. Clarissa Holland and Pastor Dennis Singini The United Methodist Church in Green Village, NJ, welcomed Pastor Dennis Singini to their Pulpit today for Communion Sunday. Dennis, a circuit-riding pastor in Malawi, is program coordinator for CitiHope Malawi, in charge of food[1] and medical distributions and HIV/AIDS training for churches[2].   Dennis also works for WorldHope Corps in Malawi on its Well-rig crew, drilling deep-water wells for villages without a clean water supply

On this very day…20 years ago

Today marks the 20th Anniversary Weekend of Communities of Shalom Shalom on Facebook        UMCOM TV interview with Michael Christensen This Very Day–Sunday, April 29—is the 20th Anniversary of Shalom! Friends of Shalom are here in Tampa for the General Conference of the United Methodist Church.  This afternoon, from 5-6, in the Big Tent (across the street from the Convention Center) hosted by the Methodist Federation for Social Action, friends of shalom will gather