New Pump Provided for Water Store at Katikara Trading Centre

We all did it!  The local community in Katikara raised $500 among among themselves, and others in the USA contributed over $2,000 this month to replace the water pump and generator at our Water Store at the Katikara Trading Centre in Western Uganda. Thank you, thank you all! Here’s a short note from Br. Julius yesterday. Photos to follow:  Greetings and best regards to you.  The Lord is good all the time. Dr. Michael you’re DIVINE. I

Uganda Mission Update on Water Store

Friends of WorldHope Corps and Communities of Shalom:  Here’s an urgent update from our mission partner, Br. Julius in Katikara, at Trading Centre in Western Uganda.  We’re trying to raise $2,300 this month to meet the need. Please help us if you can. Greetings and best regards from Uganda: We have ended the rainy season and now the dry period has started, December, January, February and early March we anticipate best performance of the water

WorldHope Corps/SARS Water Project Progress Report for Second Quarter 2016

Sustainable Action Rural Sector (SARS) Progress Report for June 2016 by Julius Kasaija WorldHope representative Maxim Schrogin purchases first jerry can of purified water in Feb. 2016. Dear Dr. Micheal, Greetings and best regards to you. I will first of all apologize for slow communication this year. I have had problems with my health,  I have been down suffering from malaria for a second time in only two months, this has rendered me ineffective as

Uganda Mission Trip 2015

WorldHope Corps Mission Team and Friends 2014 Dear Friends of WorldHope Corps: I  invite you to join us this year on a mission with Uganda in June, or support our mission there.   Every year since 2005, I’ve led a service trip to Africa.  We go to communities to which we have been invited, to share in mutual ministry and joint projects; and we find that we gain so much more than what we give.  Henri Nouwen

Christmas Greetings from Br. Julius and Fr. Paul in Uganda

SARS Community Development project Dear Brothers and Sisters in America: I send you greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ and I hope God is keeping you safe during this holy week of Christmas. I have viewed the good articles, comments, and the photos on this blog which clearly describe SARS and the work we do in Uganda.  We are so happy to be part of the WorldHope Corps family. God makes miracles in different